Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gaining Power Through Watching and Praying: By Adam Miller

Watching and praying is a major part of becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 26: 41, Christ says to his apostles, after he had suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Watch and pray always, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” If Christ is saying this to his disciples, we have even more need to heed to his command. If we watch and pray, as the Lord would have us do, we will have the ability to have more effective personal scripture study, more worthwhile sacrament meetings, and the constant companionship of the Spirit.

Personal scripture study, to some, seems as an event that is just done to show that you are obedient. That is part of it but the main part of personal scripture study is to strengthen our testimony. I have found that the days that I slip and don’t read my scriptures, I feel more depressed and tired but the days that I do read, I feel energized and full of the Spirit. In order to strengthen our testimonies through personal scripture study, we need to watch and pray long before we even begin to read the scriptures. Having a prayer in our hearts before we read will enable us to be more in tune with the Spirit. “And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.” (3 Nephi 18: 20) Since scripture reading is “right,” we will then be given a testimony.

In the sacrament prayer, it states that if we “eat in remembrance of the body of the son, and witness unto thee,” (D&C 20: 77) we will have His Spirit to be with us. Many people don’t realize this promise in the Sacrament prayer. You may ask “how do we eat in remembrance of the body of the son,” and the answer is through watching and praying. Watching will enable us to realize the symbolism that is included within the sacrament. Praying will then allow us to feel the Spirit, by watching.

“As Church members, we have completed the necessary steps of faith, repentance, and baptism and have had authorized hands placed on our heads to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. But just as love between friends or companions must be cultivated and nourished like a tender plant, so likewise must a companionship with the Holy Spirit be cultivated.” (Carlos Asay) To receive the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, like Carlos Asay is speaking of, we must truly understand how to pray. Prayer involves giving thanks and asking for blessings. In our prayers, one of those blessings must include that we have the Spirit to be with us. After we have been granted with this gift, we must watch as the Spirit helps and assists us in making good choices in our lives. The constant companionship of the Holy Ghost will also allow us to not be tempted above that which we are capable to bear. (Alma 13: 28) Having the Holy Ghost with us throughout the day is one of the greatest blessings that we can have.

In order to obtain all that our father has in store for us, we need to become “submissive, meek, humble patient” (Mosiah 3: 19) and have the ability to watch and pray. If we do these things, we will have the ability to work miracles in Heavenly Fathers name. From experience, I have realized that if I do take the time to watch and pray in my everyday life, I am able to realize all of the many blessings that I have been blessed with. If we all work to make a greater effort in watching and praying, I have a testimony that we will all then be able to have a greater knowledge of our Saviors love for us. And I know that if we know of his love for us, there is nothing that we would do that would not be in accordance with his teachings.

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Roy Tialavea said...

Loved your blog. Totally uplifting and made my day that much better. I really like your sacrament quote, “eat in remembrance of the body of the son, and witness unto thee,” showing that it is very important that we pray these words even though we do it every sunday. Great job Adam the prophet! (first one that we know)!

jessie kay said...

Thanks for your blog. It inspired me to really have a prayer in my heart before I start scripture study at night. I find that I am so tired when I finally sit down to read that I don't get much out of it. I believe really having that fervent desire and prayer in my heart will help. =]

Alisha Nelson Wheeer said...

The quote from Carlos Asay was great. I've never thought of "cultivating" a relationship with the Holy Ghost. It was a great reminder to me that the Holy Ghost is somewhat like any other person, I have to build trust with him. Great job! :)

D-Weezy said...

Like yourself, i too feel a bit of emptiness when i don't read the scriptures. But when i do and when i am really into them i feel like i am on top of the world. I enjoyed your thoughts on praying before you read. Its a great tool! Thanks

Valerie said...

Great job. I love the pair of watching and praying. Together they are a very powerful pair and you illustrated that well. Thanks.

Alexa said...

I really liked your blog. I can totally relate to what you said about the scriptures making your day go better. When I go through a tough week, I wonder why until I realize I haven't been reading my scriptures. Awesome job.

Savanna Stradling said...

I really like the tit;e of your blog. Praying is so important but we all know that we should do that- you know the primary answers... however not many people think about watching as well. We have to WATCH and pray. And maby times tey go together hand in hand! Thank you for your blog!

Ashley Wilson said...

Prayer is one of my favorite topics in this gospel. It's our way of communitcating with our Heavenly Father. I totally agree and can definitely tell a difference when I don't take time out of my day to study the scriptures and pray.